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Hi mummies! Selamat Datang dan terima kasih keran memilih blog ni. Jom cuci-cuci mata unk bby uolss. Dapatkannya dengan harga yang berbaloi dr kami!! :)

bloodsucker !

today, im visitin' one of three my father's kailyard. for the first time i stepped into kailyard. i want to feel how is the situation in kailyard. yeah, like there's a lot of weird things tht we never viewed in our typical and daily life, isn't? haha. then, i'd got prepared myslef. takdelah over sgt. kebun jeh pun -.- 

i went to the kailyard. first, my parents just brought 3 sickles. while, there's 5 peoples is followed includin' my younger sister and brother. yg pegi tebas semak my parents and my younger brother, aja.  so, i didnt hve any work to do. tht's so bored. so tht i frisked the things in bushes. haha. i found the queen and king of ants. gosh! it's so big. bigger than usual ants. seriously :O

haha. jakun betul kan? -.-'' then, aja comes to me. he told me tht my father will gave us wage if we cut down the bushes. then i asked him to gave me the sickle. i want to cut down and get the wage too! xD i walked into the kailyard. oh god, please preserved me from any disaster :'O as i walked into the kailyard, im gonna do my work *hypokrit tul. 

im trying to cut down the bushes. but it's need skills. haih, menyusahkn tul kailyard nih. then aja teach me how to cut down it. i've tried the tips tht aja gaves to me. but it doesnt worked. aaaaaa, geramnya. posted lazy to do, i just walk , walk and walk along the kailyard. suddenly....

me: mummy, daddy!!! tolong!! mummy!! daddy!!! aja!! 
aja: ape dia? asal?
me: tu tu tngok kat kaki bieya :s
aja: cheh lintah jeh. itu pun takut?
me: senyap lah -.-
aja: kau ni agak agak la nak takut. lintah nie tak sempat gigit pun lg.
me: oh yeke? HIHIHI :B

heh. ewwwwwww, it is so scared. okay this is my first and my last time i step in the kailyard. if my parents ask me to do a favour pn, please , please give me another work kay? oh god :O

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