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Hi mummies! Selamat Datang dan terima kasih keran memilih blog ni. Jom cuci-cuci mata unk bby uolss. Dapatkannya dengan harga yang berbaloi dr kami!! :)

It's all about fashion ♥


written by Bieya Zainuddin @ 8:26p.m.

Dream. Lets say, everyone has their own dream right? I have made up a dream. A dream that can make my heart satisfied, glad and cheerful. Because I love fashion. The dream is I wish to open a boutique. In making this boutique, I have decided with my friends to share that boutique together. There are three of us. Me (bieya), Aida the prettyflower and Bella. 

I also found an inspiration in Life and Times paper last Thursday. It's about Jezmine Zaidan. She's a successful designer and owner of The Old Blossom Box Store. I've seen her shop. Really unique decoration and suitable for youngster like US to come over! For those who loves fashion much, can visit Jezmine's shop at Shah Alam Seksyen 13 and see how pretty the goods is. You must be shock! Hahaha lols. So here's a lil bout Jezmine's. Let see :-



Her shop is really fascinating and wondrous right?For moreeee and more photo, visit her shop, blog and fb page. So she is my inspiration in makin' my shop. Oppsss I mean Me, Aida and Bella's boutique. Please pray for us to be successful bussinessGIRL. Hihhihihi, daaaaaaa you guys. Chaw ^_^


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